MakeMake: metalcore from Taiwan you should check out

MakeMake (麥琪麥琪) is an all-female metalcore band from Taiwan. In Taiwan, metal is very heavily male, and MakeMake is one of the only – if not the only – all-female bands.

I had been listening to a lot of music from Japan, and I thought I should explore music from Taiwan. My wife is from Taiwan, and it is a wonderful place where we hope to spend more time. If the future ever allows easy travel again. I haven't really enjoyed the punk or hip-hop music from there, but Taiwan has produced some interesting metal bands. 

Sadly, MakeMake have only put out one EP so far, 2021's M.A.K.E. The 5 songs on it are really good though, so I'm hoping for a long and loud career from them. Or at least until I have a chance to see them live.

To give you a taste of their music, here is the video for their song "The Clown":


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