About me

I currently work at Nice Shoes, an all-vegan shoe store located in Vancouver. I am one of the owners of the company. We first opened in 2011 and recently moved from Fraser Street to Commercial Drive.

I live in Vancouver. We moved here around 20 years ago from the Boston area.

In Boston, I worked for Shambhala Publications in the marketing department. Before we started our own business, I worked for Harvey McKinnon Associates where I did a mix of design, account management, and web development.

I have a BA in English and Philosophy from Boston University. I have also completed SFU's Certificate in Dialogue and Civic Engagement. I am currently working on completing BCIT's Technical Writing certificate program.

I like building websites and really enjoy backend coding. I've been using PHP, primarily with Drupal, for many years, and more recently have begun learning Python.

I read a lot, mostly science fiction and some fantasy.