Leaving Liberation BC

Next month I'll be finishing up my time on the board of Liberation BC. Lately my head has been split between my full-time job, our new shoe store, and Liberation BC – which has not been fair to any of the three, or to me.

For now I'm going to just work at my paying job during the day and on Nice Shoes projects in my "spare" time. I'll still be around as a volunteer too, but not as much.

I actually can't remember how long I've been on the board, but it's been for as long as there has been a board, plus a bit longer. Something like 5 years now, I think!

But, it has been a wonderful time. The people I have met through activism have been inspiring, and I've probably learned more doing this work than I have in any of my years of school.

Building up the organization, all of our successes, all of our many mistakes – it's all been great. I'm glad we've been able to be a vegan voice for animal rights. There was a definite gap that we were working to fill. And I'm very glad that I got to organize Animal Advocacy Camp twice. I will be helping out with that again for 2013.

I'm leaving the board in capable hands, I know. I wish all of my fellow board members the best of luck, and to everyone else who's been involved with Liberation BC over the years, thank you for caring and working to make a difference!


Kelly Carson:

You can leave Liberation BC, but liberation will never leave you. I look forward to the future with you, Glenn.



You are amazing, Glenn, and an absolutely invaluable part of Vancouver's animal rights community! I'd like you a little bit more if I wasn't tempted to spend a whole bunch of money everytime I walk into Nice Shoes, though. Stop selling so much great stuff, okay??

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